Current Fellowship Recipients

SWG’s 2022-23 Fellowship Recipients

The Society of Woman Geographers is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2023-24 fellowship awards. 

The Society is fortunate to be able to provide graduate students our prestigious SWG Pruitt and New York fellowship awards for the academic year 2023-24. We were able to grant 16 fellowships totaling over $108,000. Congratulations to our new fellows!

Betül Aykaç - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - Autonomy as a multi-scalar solidarity network: A feminist geopolitical perspective on alternative food networks in Turkey

Rupinder Bakhshi - Columbia University - Assessing Status and Socio-Ecological Outcomes of Decentralized Management in Forest and Non-Forest Commons in and Around Two Protected Areas in India

Alejandra Bonilla MenaPennsylvania State University - Cities for Profit: A Comparative Analysis of Real Estate Financialization in Quito and Santiago

Alexandra CaplanOregon State University - Power, Water, and Peace in the Middle East: A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Power and Hydropolitics in the Jordan and Tigris-Euphrates River Basins

Elizabeth CarlinoTexas A&M University - A critical analysis of climate change policy and the human right to water in South Africa

Pilar Delpino MarimonClark University -Unbuilt infrastructure projects and the use of space in the Peruvian-Brazilian Border

María Guillén-ArayaClark University - The Geographies of Tourism in Central America after 1996

Nohely Guzmán NarváezUniversity of California Los Angeles - Intimate Encounters and the Conquest of the Amazon: The Affective Infrastructures of China’s Geopolitical Frontier-making in Bolivia

Maja Kruse - University of Maine - Influences of the Landscape on German Actions and Victim Agency during the Holocaust 

Laura Lawler - University of Wisconsin Madison - The Political Ecology of Climate Smart Agriculture

Jamie "Zoe" Malot - University of California Los Angeles - Curating Settler Aesthetics— The Making and Contestation of Public Artscapes

Nicole Möller González -Syracuse University - Building bridges: Trade unions in a changing climate

Lavanya Nott - University of California Los Angeles - The Geographical Political Economy of Agro-Food Movements in India

Jessica Slattery - University of California - Irvine - Spatial-Legal Futures: Reimagining Law, Governance, and Sovereignty in Honduran Special Economic Zones

Kristen Weis - George Mason University - Arctic Change: Charting The Relationship Between Sense of Place, Tourism & Conflict

Manoka Y - Kent State University - The Legal Geography of Genocide: How law, space, and great powers involvement during Paris Peace Agreement set the stage for genocide in Cambodia?


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