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ReThinking Animals United Summit 2017
Presented by Thinking Animals United, featuring Dr. Susan Shaw
Saturday May 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am
(Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima)
NY Academy of Medicine 1216 5th Avenue (Entrance on 103rd Street)
Dr. Susan Shaw SWG Gold Medal Winner and our speaker from last spring. Dr. Shaw to give a presentation to an international audience at the NY Academy of Medicine from 3:45pm-4:45pm on “The Threat to Environmental Sustainability”. She is the ocean expert on a 3-member panel, Is Our Treatment of Other Animals Environmentally Sustainable? The talk will present results of 20 years of ocean pollution research, and unveil her new initiative, “Measuring Global Change: Exposure and Health of Marine Sentinels from Three Oceans”. Scientists from the northwest Atlantic, Greenland, Iceland and the Baltic (Sweden) investigate conditions in the northern hemisphere, documenting the combined stress of climate change and man-made pollution on the resilience of 10 species of top predators - seals, dolphins, whales, porpoises. The project is driven by the scientists’ quest to understand how vast changes in the oceans affect the survivability of life at the top. The Rethinking Animals Summit aims to challenge and motivate the public to reimagine their relationship to other species. It will be a diverse gathering of global experts in research, conservation and humane treatment of animals conversing with leaders in business, government, media, education, theology and the arts to challenge current understanding of animals and their environments.The Summit will take place in New York City at the National Academy of Medicine located at 1216 5th Avenue. A dinner will be held that Saturday night at the Explorer’s Club located at 46 E 70th St.The event is $65 per day, or $100 for the weekend. At the door, tickets will be $75. Tickets can be purchased prior to April 1 for $55 per day and $80 for the weekend. Tickets for the Explorer’s Club are $250.Tickets may be purchased on our Summit page under the “Buy a ticket” link, which will redirect to Eventbrite. See link for more details and how to purchase tickets.
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